Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yogurt, take two.

So, I just finished making my first batch of homemade yogurt with a yogurt machine I found at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20.00 because they didn't have the box or directions to go with it. I hope I'm doing it right...but, it tastes awful. I mean, sour and terrible like nothing has tasted to me before. Gross. Maybe I left it in too long, I'm not sure. I was told that it sometimes takes a few shots to get right. I'm thinking for sure it does! I'm disappointed, but trying not to lost hope, I think I'll try another recipe, this one was just skim milk and a "starter" which is a tablespoon of a store-bought yogurt. Some others call for dried milk instead, so I'll try that. Here's to my next yogurt attempt...and if it doesn't work, maybe I'll go back to enjoying this kind.

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Alisha said...

Look at YOU! Two posts in two days??? Dang, girl!