Friday, February 27, 2009

7 quick takes friday

1. Stolen
Last night I watched "The Changeling."  I saw that Angelina Jolie was up for best actress and it sounded interesting.  A woman loses her child and he's not the same when he comes home.  I was intrigued.  Instead, I feel like some of my innocence was stolen.  I probably should have stopped watching it because it upset me so much, but instead I distracted myself with Wurdle on my iphone when I was feeling scared.  More disturbing that it was a true story.  In the 1920's apparently the LAPD were real jerks and full of power.  They locked women up in mental facilities (horrible ones!) whenever things were inconvenient or when they needed to save face. The side stories were too horrible to repeat...On one hand I could hear someone saying that it was educational, but it's now on the list of movies that I wish I had never ever seen.  The only moment I can compare it to was when I was a freshman in high school - a friend said that the movie "Seven" was awesome.  I knew nothing about it, and at the end of a horrible two hour event where my eyes were closed most of the time I declared, "WHY did you let me watch that?"  I don't think she got it.  Next time I'll be more careful what I choose to watch.

2. Mother Teresa
I redeemed my evening by reading some of the latest book about Mother Teresa.  It is incredibly good and unbelievably refreshing.  It's drawing me closer and closer to a greater desire for holiness.  Just what the saints usually do!

3. Chuck E. Cheese
Chris and I are watching our friends kids for the night tomorrow and we're super excited!  My good friend is pregnant with her fourth baby and she's going to go downtown for a night away with her husband.  Maybe it's because we don't have kids of our own yet (though I don't think so, we LOVE these little guys!!!)  but we are super excited to have fun with them for a night.  We're going to go to Chuck E. Cheese with them and accomplish a whole list of other fun things.  The oldest and I made the list together.  WE are going to be BUSY!

4. Keeping our Priests alive
I'm having two of my favorite and dearest priest friends over for dinner tonight, and it also happens to be one of their birthdays we're celebrating!  So, I had quite the challenge.  It's a birthday (feast day) so it needed to be special, it's Lent, so I no meat.  One is allergic to shellfish and the other to citric acid.  If you've never heard of such a thing check out the labels on just about *every* canned item.  Not to mention tomatoes, lemons, etc...  I don't know how he does it, but I'm not going to be the one to send one of them to the emergency room.  I think I've got a menus that will work, pray for me!

5. My first quick take Friday.
This is it, I think I like it.  Or, I'm running out of quick takes...

6. Songwriting.
I need to turn some of these ramblings into songs.  I'm starting to feel panicked that I won't get inspired ASAP.  That's one of the main offerings for Lent from Chris and I as a married team...we're writing at least one night a week.  It's overwhelming...but more on that later.  

7. Man Cold
Chris has been sick most of the week, he just started feeling better last night.  I shouldn't tease him as much, but this youtube video as been a source of a lot of joking since we got married.  It's hilarious, I think...  But, I DO need to be more sensitive to him.  He's sweet and courageous and more often than not rallies through everything in life.  Everyone should be allowed a time to "meltdown" and be free to heal.  He CERTAINLY gives that to me with utter sincerity and compassion.  But the video is still hilarious.

Okay, now go check out Jennifer at  She hosted this way fun excercise!!!

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I think allergies, especially two person combined, are a harder challenge than "chopped" (or any other food network challenge..)
I'd be interested to see what menu you came up with :)

Citric acid is a tough one!