Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Soon enough...

Soon enough I'll have a little tiny itty bitty life to cuddle and snuggle and hold, and I'm ecstatic. I'd be lying if I mentioned there weren't moments where I doubted whether or not I am up to all the challenges, but I'd also be lying if I didn't state, point blank, that I do know, believe and have faith that God will provide everything we need to be the parents He's called us to be. My spiritual director said I'm not only capable of being this little girl's Mom, but chosen. I think that is so beautiful, I feel unworthy of it, but at the same time I feel so aware that God didn't want anyone else to be her Mom...only me. Wow.

I say this is all going to happen "soon enough" but at the moment I'm feeling and wondering WHEN it's EVER going to happen. Two days away from my due date, I feel so antsy and anxious and ready. And doubtful and hopeful at the same time...that it really will be soon!

Oh, how I hope it's soon enough.

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Stephanie said...

I see this was written in March so, by now, your baby is probably already 4 months old! Congrats!

Sometimes I'm not sure I'm "up to all of the challenges" of parenting either, but - like you - I know that God provides all of the grace and strength that I need.