Thursday, March 19, 2009

a different story

This article mentions me briefly, and it also served a great purpose to get me really thinking about where my songs come from.  I'm full-fledged in the process of writing again, though I haven't completed a song for the upcoming album.  But, I'm thinking and brewing and jotting things down all the time.  And praying....lots and lots of praying!!  In the past writing has been an incredibly tedious and somewhat painful process for me.  I'll admit, I'm really hoping that things are different this time.  I really am.  

But, regardless, the article has me thinking about where my songs come from and how they (essentially) get here.  Every song has a different story -- kinda like children.  From the time we're in our mother's wombs' our stories begin and they are always, always, always different from our friends, siblings, strangers...they make us unique!  A friend of mine is giving birth today, and I'm anxiously awaiting to meet the little one.  But, we had a great conversation a few weeks ago about how her feelings and responses were different than they were with her first child.  But, it makes sense...this little tyke's story is beginning and it's already completely and totally his (or her) own.  Amazing, so that's my reflections on my songs.  They're kinda like that...

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Beth said...

Hey Sarah! Glad to see you started your own blog - everyone needs a place to be real :)